Make Watermark Returns Policy

All our products offer trial periods, and we encourage you to try it for free before purchasing any upgrades. Please make sure our products meet your expectations.

We grant you a possibility to return 100% of funds spent on ‘Make Watermark’ license purchased from If you plan to purchase the app elsewhere, check refund policy of that particular reseller, please. All refund requests made within 30 days since the license key purchase are satisfied no matter what the reason is. We will block the license key the moment the refund is issued. You have to delete all watermarked photos and videos before asking for a refund, including images sent to clients or published online.

We do not grant partial refunds for license upgrades and additional services. Each case of partial refund request is discussed separately between Customer and Support, and satisfied only upon mutual agreement.

How do I request a refund?

To get a refund for license key(s) purchased on official website you need to

  1. Remove all watermarked photos and videos including those uploaded to social networks and sent to clients and
  2. Contact the support team using our contact form or send an email to

After we issue a refund, you will get money back on your account within:

  • 24 hours if you paid via PayPal,
  • 1-10 business days if you paid via bank card. Actual term depends on your country of residence, and your bank’s rules,
  • 2-4 business days if you paid via bank transfer.